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My Business Signals: Local Search Factors Decoded! Part 2

My Business Signals: Local Search Factors Decoded! Part 2

KEY TAKEAWAYS Google My Business (GMB) has disproportionate amount of influence (20%) in your local business’ rank in hte Pack/Carousel It’s all in the details when it comes to local search Follow the convenient GMB checklist to be on your way Google My Business Checklist ☐ Claim your Google My Business page either through individual(…)

How are you managing your reviews?

  Customer reviews: all brands get them; all brands need them. But some brands may be more prepared to deal with them than others. Managing your reviews comes down to two things: having a sound review management strategy, and having a simple response plan At SweetIQ we’ve been studying how brand’s and SMB’s can tackle reviews, and using(…)

Local Search Factors: Decoded! Part 1

How many times in the past week did you use your mobile phone to find a local business? Why did Joe’s Baber Shop show up before Jake’s Barber Shop (a lot of guys in my office got haircuts this week)? David Mihm, one of the Web’s definitive local SEO experts, has been trying to figure(…)

Chicken Little scared of Pigeon bringing down the sky

Chicken Little scared of Pigeon bringing down the sky

Remember when Penguin destroyed our entire industry?  No? What about when Panda rendered all SEO moot? You don’t remember that either? That’s cause it never happened. But had you bought into the hype at the time you would have lost plenty of sleep fretting over earthquakes that never came. Why is the SEO community so(…)

How to Use Google My Maps to Wow Your Potential Customers

Like so many of Google’s signature apps and programs, My Maps has recently undergone significant updates–presenting clear opportunities for the savvy marketer who knows how to leverage them.

Has Apple Done It Again? A Look at the Watch that Could Change Everything

Apple recently announced its first wearable product, the Apple Watch. This nifty piece of technology is not the first mobile-connected wearable to hit the market, but it has the potential to be the most disruptive.

Pigeon and Your Business: Changing Local Search Approaches in Response to Google’s Recent Update

Back in late July, Google updated its algorithm for local search, which is likely to result in some rather substantial changes for businesses on the local level. The update, “codenamed” Pigeon, is not as rife with penalties as its Penguin and Panda predecessors. Those updates became notorious for their tendency to issue penalties to webmasters(…)