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Track offline in-store conversions with… BEACONS!

Track offline in-store conversions with… BEACONS!

To master your online to offline conversion the last step in measuring that conversion is BEACONS! What are these beacon things, anyway? In sum, they are small battery powered devices that can communicate by Bluetooth with smartphones and other mobile devices. How does this relate to online to offline (O2O) conversion? In essence, with the power(…)

How Will Tech Disrupt Retail in 2015?

What’s in store for retailers in 2015? SweetIQ’s Co-Founder and CEO Mohannad El-Barachi weighs in on the 2015 predictions with his expertise. According to him,this year’s retail tech will be defined by Online-to-Offline (O2O) experiences for the consumer, omni-channel retail, and improving the in-store customer experience. Click here for the full article and to discuss your(…)

How not to do review management

First rule of the modern world: don’t mess with the internet. Most of you will have probably heard the story of Jarrid Tansey, the pizza delivery driver from Westport, Massachusetts who was ridiculed in a YouTube video by some customers who thought it was OK to get him to drive back to their office so(…)

External Location Signals: Local Search Factors Decoded! Part 3

We are going to continue our adventures into the 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors (links to Part 1 and Part 2). This week: external location factors! That means understanding the influence of online directories (a.k.a. iYPs for internet yellow pages) and citations (not the scientific ones, but local citations). KEY TAKEAWAYS Citation = NAP (Name(…)

Target Canada shutting its doors

Well that didn’t last long. Early this morning, Target Canada announced they would be closing all of their 133 stores across the country.  The first of which only opened in the spring of 2013. This is a catastrophic, across-the-board failure, with multiple, tangled roots – distribution and stocking never seemed to get straightened out, out-of-whack pricing scared(…)

What CES 2015 Means For Retail Marketing

CES 2015 is going from January 6 to 9, 2015 and your newsfeed may be getting bombarded with all the new gadgets:  such as curved smartphones (the LG G Flex 2), more fashionable wearables (Misfit’s Swarovski Shine Collection), electronic scooters (Gogoro),  wifi in cars (GM and Onstar and Android Auto) and some crazy washing machines (by LG).(…)

Holiday shopping doesn’t end with Black Friday…

Hit your targets and get more shoppers this holiday season by building your O2O (Online to Offline) funnel. Black Friday may be over, but plenty of holiday shopping dollars are still in purses and wallets. A whopping 26.3% of men leave their gift buying until the third week of December. So, with that in mind, let’s(…)

Get found this Holiday Season

Get found this Holiday Season

O2O (Online to Offline) conversions will drive close to half a trillion dollars in sales over the holiday season. That’s a pretty big present waiting under the tree for smart retailers. The key to unwrapping those gifts this season is getting found online. Here’s our guide to unlocking the power of findability…